Saturday, January 10, 2004



Hriday Shetty’s debut film Plan is a ‘formula’ dude film. Serious male bonding, lots of action, quite a bit of skin, and street lingo peppered with sexual innuendo. The height of cool? A gangster who wears “Armani suits, Gucci shoes, Rolex watch” with spiked hair, soul beard and sexy moll.

This is the Mumbai that welcomes four youngish men who have left their dreary small town lives to look for excitement. They meet on the train and immediately become best buddies.

A friend of Lucky’s (Sanjay Suri) is a pimp, who knows all the right strings to pull. The four guys end up sharing large digs in Mumbai. Omi (Rohit Roy) wants to have fun, Jai (Bikram Saluja) wants to look for his girlfriend and Bobby (Dino Morea) wants to be a star.

When the money runs out and they build up a huge gambling debt, the four kidnap Moosa (Sanjay Dutt), thinking he is a rich wastrel. Moosa turns out to be a dreaded gangster and now they are in deeper trouble.

However, Moosa has an enemy in Sultan (Mahesh Manjrekar), and he needs the help of the four failed kidnappers. This far the film is fine – moves fast, has lots of light moments and no air of doom like the recent Supari, in which the heroes found themselves in a similar predicament. After the revelation of Moosa’s identity, this Suicide Kings-inspired film loses momentum.

Gratuitous ‘emotional’ tracks seep in, the gang war sequences are too déjà vu and the buddy-buddy thing gets too heavy-handed. After all the fun the dudes have had, the moralistic end looks fake too.

Sanjay Dutt could now play a ‘bhai’ in his sleep, in Plan he has made an attempt to look different. The four fellas give good performances—Dino Morea is shaping up into an actor to watch, and Sanjay Suri has presence too. The women are just ‘item’ numbers, so they can be ignored.

For a first film, Plan is not at all bad. Hriday Shetty handles action with style and comes up with an unpretentious entertainer. It’s just that we have had an overdose of ‘bhais’ and could do with some better ideas for action films.


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