Friday, February 27, 2004


This Top Gun inspired film by Sunjiv Puri is set in an Indian air force camp somewhere in Kashmir.

Agnipankh starts off promisingly enough, with the three heroes their relationships, their temperaments and their women being introduced quickly and without much fuss.

The scene in which the entire base plays a prank on the new bride (Divya Dutta) of poet-pilot Vishal (Rahul Dev) is charming. Siddharth (Jimmy Shergill) and Sameer (Sameer Dharmadhikari), who are constantly at loggerheads, fall in love with the same girl (Richa Pallod). A fellow pilot Anjana (Shamita Shetty) is in love with Sameer.

Actually, the film should have started moving when they are attacked by Pakistani forces and they actually get into combat situation, but it ends up getting boring and tiresome when the action starts.

Siddharth and Sameer end up in a POW camp in Pakistan, tortured by the ‘enemy’ (one of whom looks like Musharraf) and befriended by old, forgotten Indian soldier Shekhawat (Kiran Kumar). Now starts the most unexciting escape adventure ever, which takes up a large chunk of the movie.

The director can be given some marks for effort, but where is the drama, the adventure, pulse-pounding thrills that should have been built into such a plot?

The performances are decent, a couple of songs are pleasing, the landscape is pretty, but not enough to sustain you through the running time of Agnipankh.


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