Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa 

Even if one were to go by the unruly conventions of film melodrama and forget for a moment that the heart is not the seat of emotions, and certainly does not have a ‘mind’ of its own, Atull Agnihotri’s Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa is still a painfully boring copy of the Hollywood comedy Return To Me.

Ad agency boss Rishabh (Salman Khan) and his wife Dr. Pari (Preity Zinta) are the perfect couple. The film takes forever and a couple of songs to establish their intense love for each other. Pari dies in an accident and donates her heart to her patient Dhani (Bhumika Chawla), who would have not have survived without a transplant. Minor things like blood and tissue matching, etc., are not even taken into account. If the ‘heroine’ gives her heart, the receiver had better accept it!

Dhani’s heart gives out a ‘wheeee’ signal when she passes by the grieving Rishabh and she falls in love with him, because she has started to think and feel like Pari. Such ridiculousness in this day and age is unbelievable! If it were given a comic treatment, the film would have probably gone down easier. But forget comedy, Agnihotri can’t even manage the regular Hindi film emotions!

Dhani gets a job in Rishabh’s ad agency, which seems to be peopled by lunatics. She spends all her time dreaming of him or making cow-eyes at him, while he sternly rebuffs her.

There must have been a subplot about Dhani, her grandmother (Helen Khan) and her “colony”, which ended up on the cutting room floor, because some strange creatures pop in and out abruptly. Even the characters that do find themselves in the film are decidedly odd! What is Bobby Darling pouting around for? And why the weird friends, including one who keeps lisping “best friend” at Pari and another outlandishly dressed pal of Dhani’s? Renuka Shahane does a quick and unnecessary cameo as Rishabh’s sister.

The film has its unintentionally hilarious moments—like when Rishabh has a conversation with the transplanted heart which actually obeys his command! Every time Salman weeps and whines, he makes people laugh.

A little ray of sunshine is brought in by Preity Zinta’s cheerful presence, when Pari dies, the film’s already limited appeal is switched off. Two of the most popular music composers (AR Rahman and Himesh Reshammiya) could not come up with one memorable song. This one’s a complete loser!


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