Monday, September 27, 2004

Tumsa Nahin Dekha 

Anurag Bose revisits the charming 1981 film Arthur, (already adapted by Prakash Mehra as Sharaabi) and makes a tedious, old-fashioned rehash.

Daksh (Emraan Hashmi) is a rich drunken wastrel, who has to marry a woman he does not like, to be able to earn the family fortune. He spots Jia (Dia Mirza) on the street and kisses her “just like that.” Later, he falls in love with her, and discovers she is a bar dancer.

Since a ‘Prince’ is falling for a ‘Commoner’, she has to be a girl with principles, and one who slogs to take care of her mentally ill brother (Another one! Too much lunacy in one week!).

Daksh is the archetypal poor little rich boy, who has too much money and no love—except the devotion of his butler John (Anupam Kher, wasted). Today such characters evoke contempt, not pity.

Daksh’s wishy washy father, foul-mouthed grandmother and violent father-in-law to be, all look and act like escapees from the loony bin, and the fiancée is a dumb rich bimbette stereotype; actually why would any girl want to marry Daksh, who looks like he never had a thought in his head, and behaves like a retard.

After endless melodrama, the inevitable happens— fairy tale ending!

If there is anything likeable about the film it’s Nadeem-Shrawan’s music and Dia Mirza’s and appealing performance—she actually manages to do a strip tease without looking vulgar.


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