Sunday, January 16, 2005

Dil Maange More 

Hindi cinema still has a quaint Veer-Zaara-like, ‘once is forever’ kind of attitude to love; in that sense Ananth Narayan Mahadevan’s Dil Maange More has a fresh, contemporary plot. It is possible to give up love for ambition and it is possible to fall out of love. It’s about time our films grew up!

Hill town boy Nikhil (Shahid Kapoor) is in love with Neha (Soha Ali Khan), who decides to give him up for a career as an air hostess. He follows her to Mumbai, where he falls in love with Sarah (Tulip Joshi), who works in a music store. Sarah dumps him when her straying fiancé returns and the twice heartbroken Nikhil falls for his Mumbai neighbour Shagun (Ayesha Takia), who seems to hate him. At one point, without meaning to, he is stuck with three women demanding his love.

The nice thing is that Nikhil is really a sweet, sincere chap, not the skirt-chasing stud you see as heroes in films these days. Despite the confusion over three girls, there is no crudity in the film, and the comedy is really squeaky clean. Best of all, neither of the two ‘rejected’ girls turns out to be a vengeful shrew.

Nikhil does seem to be a shallow type of guy, who has nothing to do but fall in and out of love with amazing speed. The way Neha describes her bad work experience as an air hostess (“I almost lost my izzat”—oh yeah??) is also not convincing, and Shagun has too much of a pop-psycho characterization. But one shouldn’t expect too much depth from a film obviously aimed at a bubblegum audience.

To its credit, it moves at a brisk trot—except for the elongated and very corny climax. It looks glossy, the characters dress well, dance well and don’t go through any great mind-bending soul-altering experiences. It’s a see it, enjoy it, forget it kind of film! Date movie they call them these days.

Shahid Kapoor has oodles of charm (unfortunately still a major Shah Rukh Khan hangover), dances beautifully and does the comic scenes really well. Of the girls, none can act, but Ayesha Takia has the best part. A likeable supporting cast (Gulshan Grover, Kanwaljeet, Zarina Wahab, Smita Jayker), lots of movie ‘in’ references and peppy songs (Himesh Reshammiya) add to the film’s appeal.


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