Friday, March 03, 2006

Teesri Aankh 

Teesri Aankh—The Hidden Camera

Indians must be more enterprising than we think, if the world’s porn racket is run by a London desi, with the unlikely name of Sudana Pande. Thanks to him, London also seems to be overrun with armies of Indian thugs and more Indian cops than you’d find in a Mumbai police chowky.

Harry Baweja’s Teesri Aankh—The Hiddem Camera borrows its subject matter from the recently released Kalyug, which in turn was derived from 8mm—so this offering seems as old as a well worn hand-me-down.

Then to add to the déjà vu is Sunny Deol running wild—stopping speeding bikes with his hands, knocking down dozens of extras with one blow and giving eager mediapersons lectures on how to respect women.

But the film, with typical Bollywood hypocrisy talks of woman being “ma behen” while the camera caresses miles of bare flesh.

Mumbai cops want to bust the porn trade that targets unsuspecting women in hotels or changing rooms, so ACP Arjun (Deol) is sent to London to catch the kingpin Sudama (Mukesh Rishi).

Meanwhile Arjun’s fiancée (Neha Dhupia) has gone to London to participate in a dubious beauty contest and forced to do blue films. Instead of calling her fiance, the London cops or the Indian Embassy for help, she relies on Sudama’s deputies who want to overthrow him. She gets killed and the murder witnessed by mute girl Amu (Ameesha Patel).

Just when things are moving a bit with Arjun meeting Amu, the film goes into a lengthy flashback of Arjun’s crusade in India (giving the impression that the reels got mixed up!) against a corporator who runs the porn business.

The film just lurches from one fight to the next (why does Sunny Deol get guest appearance credit?) and one absurd situation to another. There are other characters (Ashish Chowdhary, Aarti Chhabria) around too, without much to do.


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