Saturday, April 22, 2006

Pyare Mohan 

It must be the success of Masti that made Indra Kumar go for a comedy again. But without the touch of risqué, can he make a comedy work? Doesn’t seem so, going by the juvenile Pyare Mohan.

Pyare (Fardeen Khan) is blind and Mohan (Viveik Oberoi) is deaf— both used to be film stuntmen, who were hurt during a film shoot. They now run a card shop and hope to meet girls who will love them for what they are. Some humour is generated by Mohan misunderstanding words when he lip reads, and Pyare causing mayhem when he jogs on the road. But there are careless slips—like Mohan singing in tune, and Pyare dancing in step, when he obviously can’t see what others in the disco are doing.

When they meet the girls of their dreams (Esha Deol, Amrita Rao), their declaration of love is rejected – which girl would accept a guy with a handicap, they argue.

The light romantic mood of the first half – which contains the very hummable You are my angel number—is just a preamble for the adventure to come. And here the film gets completely derailed.

The girls are arrested in Bangkok for a murder actually committed by a gangster Tony Fernandes (Boman Irani), who had earlier faked his own death and moved to Thailand. Pyare and Mohan head there to rescue them. There are just a series of endless chases, with the cops and Tony’s brother Tiny (Snehal Dabhi) chasing them all over the city.

The action scenes, when they are not repetitive (Mohan directing Pyare who hits out accurately), they are ridiculous—Tony trying to kill them by throwing glass bottles at them; why wouldn’t he just shoot? Tiny is part of the only disgusting gag in the film, which involves a horse and is unprintable.

There are a few laughs here, but no plot to sustain the humour over the film’s running time. Boman Irani with his lisping, pretend Chinese accent is more irritating than menacing, and the absence of a strong villain ruins the thriller part of the film.

If Boman Irani gives a bad performance, do the other non-actors have a chance? Viveik Oberoi has the funniest scenes, so is the best of the poor lot.


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