Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bombay to Bangkok 

Bombay to Bangkok

If you miss the beginning and end credits of Bombay to Bangkok, you can be pardoned for believing that this is the work of an inept newcomer—the director of Iqbal and Dor could not possibly be responsible for this wreck of a movie.

Comedy is not alien to Kukunoor, he started his career with Hyderabad Blues and then did Rockford and Bollywood Calling; maybe he just wanted to take a holiday in Thailand, but then why make this movie an excuse!

It’s a totally unbelievable tale of a cook called Shankar, who runs off with a don’s money. He walks into a group of doctors going to Thailand for a camp, and pretends to be a sexologist. Apart from the illogicality of nobody knowing what the real doctor looks like, and the offloaded medico not even calling the group leader or the cops to tell them what happened; why is an Indian medical team going to Thailand when there doesn’t seem to be a medical crisis in that country? And if there is an epidemic or something, would a sexologist be needed? Just so that there can be some sleazy trouser-dropping scenes?

A sillier plot device has Shankar hiding the wad of stolen money in a box of supplies… why not carry it in his pocket?

In Thailand, the hosts of the medical team is a Sardar family, and one of them Rachinder (Manmeet Singh) is picked by Shankar as his interpreter, whether it is to hand out Viagra to old men or woo a pretty Thai girl Jasmine (Lena Christiansen).

She is the nicest thing about the movie, lovely to look at, and she fiercely defends her choice of profession as a massage parlour girl to a huffy Shankar.

The other track of the don’s son (Vijay Maurya) who’d rather be a rapper, falling for the camp’s shrink (Jeneva Talwar) has a little more zing than the Shankar-Jasmine romance, which they manage despite not understanding each other’s lingo.

The comedy is flat, the action flatter still, the love story is bland-- in short, there’s nothing to recommend in this film. Did Nagesh Kukunoor really make this one voluntarily, or with a gun to his head?


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