Monday, April 13, 2009

2 When the Multiplexes shut down! 

Ek Se Bure Do

This is another one of those long-delayed films that has come out because no major film is releasing due to the multiplex strike.

When Ek Se Bure Do was started, the producers must have thought they had a foolproof comedy—Arshad ‘Circuit’ Warsi and Rajpal Yadav in the lead with TV star Natasha (better known as Anita Hassanandani) and newcomer Tusha, a strong supporting cast of Govind Namdeo, Yashpal Sharma, Virendra Saxena.

By the time, it is released, the film directed by Tarique, has no plusses at all, except for one or two throwaway lines that the actors must have ad-libbed on the shoot.

The complicated crime caper has two petty crooks as the protagonists, two warring dons (Govind Namdeo, Yashpal Sharma), a dacoit, a lookalike of a don, and a hidden treasure, they are all after. The girls live in the house where the treasure is supposedly buried, and find themselves surrounded by imposters. Typical of an indifferently made film then that after all the hullabaloo over it, there is not even a glimpse of this ‘khazana’.

Every once in a while, there is a song-and-dance number with so many semi-clad girls, that the bill for dancers must have exceeded the fee charged by all the ‘stars’.

Not so long ago Warsi had a release like Kisse Pyar Karoon, which made a dent in his star value, and now this. Probably time for him to pray that no other skeletons fall out of long-forgotten cans.

Pal Pal Dil Ke Saath

If released a few years ago, Pal Pal Dil Ke Saath may have earned some audience interest, since it stars two cricketers—Ajay Jadeja and Vinod Kambli.

If it were not for the face-off between producers and multiplexes that prevents any big films from releasing, this one would probably have remained in the cans, and saved the cricketers and now actress-on-the-rise Mahi Gill considerable embarrassment. Why just them, if Sushma Seth and Shah were to see themselves in this film, they wouldn’t be mortified too.

The film looks like it was abandoned by all the actors—which explains the odd dubbing, which sounds like a couple of mimicry artistes did the voices for all of them.

The plot—such as it is— is narrated by Vinod Kambli, to a bunch of kids, who will get him funding for his script if they like it. The story involves a bunch of people trying to get their hands on the fortunes of an elderly lady, Mrs Kapoor (Sushma Seth). These include her grandson Ajay (Jadeja), his girlfriend Dolly (Mahi Gill), a conman called John Abraham (Satish Shah), a lawyer, his girlfriend and a gangster— all non-actors picked up from god-knows-where.

The kids actually listen to the script without booing; all they demand is an item number and Kambli obliges with a dance number by two fat, garishly-dressed people, in the middle of a forest.

It’s not the kind of film that deserves attentive viewing; it doesn’t even offer some unintentional laughs, like a ‘respectable’ bad film is supposed to do. Kambli’s script won’t get the ghost writer very far, and both cricketers ought to drop any acting ambitions that they may have… if they haven’t already


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