Friday, August 05, 2011

I Am Kalam 

Boy Wonder

I Am Kalam, telling the story of a little boy who wants to study is well meaning and has an utterly endearing lead actor in Harsh Mayar.

Nila Nadhav Panda’s film, winning accolades for his set-in-Rajasthan film at festivals, has its heart in place, but may not be a box-office winner, simply because it tends to be a bit preachy, but then again why should the message of education for all not be reiterated, especially in a country that takes child labour so casually?

Chhotu works with a kind dhaba owner Bhati (Gulshan Grover), so that he can support his family. Inspired by a TV story about former president APJ Abdul Kalam and his improverished childhood, he decides to call himself Kalam.

The boy befriends Ranvijay (Hussan Saad), the son of the erstwhile Maharaja (Sanjay Chauhan) of the area, despite their differences in class and status and charms a nice Frenchwoman Lucie (Beatrice Ordeix). But Chhotu’s dreams are not all that easy to accomplish, yet he is determined to better himself and attempts to make his way to Delhi.

The plot, reminiscent of Ab Dilli Dur Nahin and Naunihal, the film is inspiring, has its high moments and a National Award-winning performance by Harsh Mayar.


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