Friday, October 28, 2011


Much Noise, No Dum

The ads are off-putting enough—Himesh Reshammiya making faces with accompanying text going “Boink, Poof, Wham.” Really now! Even Mr Bean would have trouble getting away with that.
Himesh Reshammiya, still hungover from the surprise success of his Aap Ka Suroor, is churning out one dud after another. In the process he is also losing out in the fans of his nasal singing and admittedly zingy compositions.  He can’t act, and he certainly does not have a flair for comedy.
In Damadamm, produced by himself and directed by Swapna Waghmare Joshi, he plays a marketing wiz at a film company. The plot is not too bad—about a man caught between a possessive, nagging girlfriend Shikha (Purbi Joshi) and a rich, classy colleague Sanjana (Sonal Sehgal).
Sameer has been in a relationship with this girlfriend-from-hell, so when she goes out of town, he celebrates by dancing in the street and getting drunk! If she is so suffocating that he sings about wanting his space and freedom, why did he put up with her for five years? (That is explained in a way later, but not convincingly.)  Anyway, next he falls for his boss’ (Rajesh Khattar) sister. Naturally when Shikha returns, she is mad.
This is the kind of thing that could happen to any ordinary guy. But Himesh is incapable of projecting distress, guilt, confusion or even happiness credibly—all he can manage is a pout. And when he is in the same frame as the accomplished Purbi Joshi, he looks even more gauche. Mercifully, the other girl is not a nasty number. What the two of them see in Sameer would be the subject of a thesis, or maybe, another romcom, better thought out than this one.
As in all Himesh Reshammiya film’s so far, the music is the saving grace, especially Umrao Jaan (even with its inane lyrics) and Madhubala. If he feels the uncontrollable urge to be on screen, he must choose a project that would suit him and his limited acting skills.


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