Friday, October 07, 2011

Love Breakups Zindagi 

Guy and gal, committed to other gal and guy, meet up, fall in love, and play romantic tic-tac-toe.  Easy, breezy urban romcom, directed by Sahil Sangha, but similar stuff has been done so many times in so many variations, that yet another case of dilly-dallying people with emotions as shallow as their costumes are designer, is just a bit tough to take…and the meet cute is at a wedding in Punjab. Oh no!
Love Breakups Zindagi is a reasonably well made but very formulaic story.  It’s still good to see more films about urban professionals. They are well-off, have ‘cool’ parents,  drink and smoke, without guilt, have relationships, get divorced, chat on Facebook, and all the rest. That old world with its disapproving clans, clandestine romance and chastity is thankfully gone.
Jai (Zayed Khan) and Govind (Cyrus Sahukar) who work in a marketing company, go to Chandigarh to attend a common friend Arjun’s (Satyadeep Mishra) wedding to Gayatri (Auritra Ghosh).  Jai, who has a control freak girlfriend (Pallavi Sharda), meets and gets along with Naina (Dia Mirza), who has a workaholic boyfriend Dhruv (Vaibhav Talwar).  Twice-divorced Govind falls for an older Sheela (Tisca Chopra).   Both the guys are waiting for the “bell to ring” ie, for true love to make itself felt.
There is the usual gaggle of relatives, song and dance, squabbles, games and even a funeral before they all return to their respective home and routines. While an unencumbered Govind quickly starts dating Sheela, but Jai and Naina have to deal with, first their own feelings, and then their existing partners.
For Jai it is relatively easy—his girlfriend is an iceberg for whom marriage is a ‘plan.’  For Naina to understand that Jai is better suited than Dhruv takes a long time in the film, plus a dog, an ice-cream guzzling friend (Umang Jain) and a diary.
In most romcoms of this nature, where people are not really meant to suffer, and the end is pre-ordained, it would be nice if the journey from beginning to end was a little less clichéd and a little more emotionally stirring. Better performances would help too.
Since the stars are the producers, their friendly Bollywood clique makes guest appearances, which makes their own lack of acting chops even more glaring. 
LBZ is not bad, in fact, it’s okay as a date movie. It will probably last in the mind as long as the popcorn in the stomach.


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