Friday, October 14, 2011

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge 

Cyrano for the FB Age

This is probably the first film in Bollywood that has understood and made use of the way today’s generation uses a social networking platform like Facebook.  All the youngsters in Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge are networked on laptops and smart phones.  A lot of their interactions are on chat, which is quite what it is like, at least in cities today.
Like in most YRF films (this comes out of their Y banner that makes films aimed at the youth), this one is also about a bunch of affluent students with liberal or ‘cool’ parents.  If friendships are easygoing and relationships are superficial, then it is reflective of urban lifetstyles today.
The lead characters in MFK study (presumably they do, education doesn’t seem to be a priority) do fun stuff—Rahul (Nishant Dahiya) is a rocker, Vishal (Saqib Saleem) is an aspiring writer, Malvika (Tara D'Souza) is a fashion designer and Preity (Saba Azad) a photographer. Vishal and his buddies are also the college pranksters.
Like Cyrano de Bergerac or Saajan closer home, the ordinary-looking Vishal woos hottie Malvika on Facebook, pretending to be the handsome chick magnet Rahul.  But instead of Malvika, it’s the tomboyish Preity who is chatting  with Vishal, thinking he is Rahul. Offline, Vishal and Preity cannot stand each other, but Rahul and Malvika get along. But they hold back because they think their friends have an FB crush on each other.
There’s not much to go on, in terms of plot, but the tone is light, the lines funny and capturing the mixed Hinglish youth lingo rather well. The actors (Saba Azad is the best of the lot) are fresh-looking, have an easy, natural manner, uninhibited body language and chic wardrobes. How the dual love stories criss-cross is predictable, but not boring.
Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge is a light romcom—the formula is tossed energetically and spiked with wit. The young people it is about will probably relate to it.


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