Friday, February 24, 2012

Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya 

It Happened One Day

Spoilt rich girls have been running away from arranged marriages for so many years, it makes you wonder why the smart, aggressive, Canada-green-card holder ‘heroine’ of Mandeep Kumar’sTere Naal Love Ho Gaya does not simply say no to an unsuitable boy.

Instead, Mini (Genelia Deshmukh)  forces a hapless autorickshaw driver Viren (Riteish Deshmukh) to stage a kidnapping and demand ransom from her father (Tinnu Anand).  Mini is one of those over-the-top, brazen types, who knows how to get what she wants.  Her scene at the petrol pump where she causes a traffic jam by a seductive car wash act is hilarious.

The chatty girl, shy boy, village idyll idea has been done to near perfection by Jab We Met and maybe it’s time to give this kind of romcom a break.  Having said that,  Tere Naal’s energy, humour and earnest desire to please draws the initially reluctant viewer into Mini’s madcap adventurousness.

As expected,  Mini and Viren land up up in his village, and—without giving away the surprise—she wins over the family  (Om Puri and others), trades her city clothes for designer lehengas, but still does not have the nerve to turn down the unsuitable match.

The biggest advantage the film has is its perfect casting, Genelia has made a career out of playing livewire chatterboxes, and Ritesh can do the bullied bumbler rather well.  She makes him dance, he shuffles awkwardly; she makes him cook, he rolls out burnt rotis, he carries her home drunk (not again!), puts her to bed, and suffers her whimsical behaviour. 

It’s sheer ebullience that saves the film from the formula bog, and the real sparks between the lead pair (they got married a little before the film’s release).  It turns out quite enjoyable in the end, even with irritants like a really bad item number!


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