Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ishkq In Paris  

What? Where?

It’s such a pity, woman part 30 are judged so harshly in Hindi cinema, the focus being more on their ‘aging’ looks than their acting. By producing (and writing) a trite romcom like Ishkq In Paris, Preity Zinta has handed her critics the ammunition.

Why would an actress way past her teens want to get into mini skirts and play a borderline ditz. She has spent the better part of her career dimpling away in roles that are gratingly described as bubbly (and she has handed the baton to Anushka Sharma), so when she had creative control, why would she make a pointless love story rather than give herself a substantial—and yes, age appropriate—role?

Zinta plays a commitment phobic woman called Ishkq (which would be enough cause to seek a shrink) who runs into a commitment phobic guy called Akash (Rhehan Maliek— did a numerologist endorse that name?) in Paris. They are the way they are because their parents were divorced.

Anyway, they spend an evening of no-strings-attached fun in Paris and promise never to meet again. But they do, and now he wants to marry, but she is adamant in her refusal. It’s supposed to be some kind of crisis and audiences are expected to go “Aww, this is the real thing, girl, don’t let go,” when they are actually yawning, peeking at their watches and waiting for it to end. If they haven’t walked out before intermission, it’s because of lovely Paris, not the gormless characters trying to recreate the magic of Before Sunrise and failing spectacularly.

If there’s anything Zinta the Producer has achieved, it is getting French star Isabelle Adjani to play her mother and Shekhar Kapur to play her father. And the two have very little to do, so it’s a waste getting this good-looking pair together; they deserve to have their own film, a late-blooming intercontinental romance, perhaps?  A prequel that this Ishkq In Paris does not deserve.

Bad enough Preity Zinta had to play this hyper bimbette, couldn’t she have found a better actor so cast opposite herself?  The two are just so ill-matched, the film ends up looking a few degrees worse than it is.


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