Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ishk Actually 

Boredom Unlimited

It was a toss up between this romantic film and the comedy this week, and Rajeev Khandelwal (with memories of Aamir still alive) won by a small margin. Big Mistake. 

Anish Khanna’s Ishk Actually is one of those deadly boring films, that would send even a sane viewer screaming to the nearest commercial trash release.  These films are not doing indie movies any favours; every time the audience’s mood titles slightly towards the offbeat, one of these energy drainers comes along to queer the pitch.

First of all, it’s unforgivable what the stylist has done to Khandelwal—he’s a wedding planner, what’s with the scarf-hat-grunge look? Who’d hire a guy who looks like a cross between a hippie and a drug pusher?  Not that he is even seen doing any wedding planning, just hanging around seedy bars.

 Then, it’s the hopeless one line plot dragged to full length, in which we are expected to be involved in the romantic confusion of a fickle young woman Gia (Neha Ahuja), who can’t seem to make up her mind between the two men in her life, Neil (Khandelwal) and Kabir (Rayo Bakhirta). So she keeps switching between the two, wearing a sulky expression throughout, as if the universe was responsible for her stupidity. What’s worse, the two guys can’t make up their minds either.

Then there’s Ann (Mithchai) who also keeps hopping between the same two guys, but their attitude toward her is mostly MCP-ish. In one scene Kabir is telling her she’s not worthy of him, the next he’s offloading his misery on her, because his fiancée (ie Gia) ran away.

When put down in words, this makes a little bit of sense, but the film with its vague jumps in time and location can be thoroughly confusing. Concentrating on what’s happening, when, how and why is the only way of keeping awake through the slow pace, idiotic dialogue and the most annoying movie foursome ever.


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