Saturday, November 09, 2013

Satya 2 

Robin Hood of Oshiwara

Is Bollywood going all philosophical on us?  Last week’s movie told us Krrish was a ‘soch’ and that everyone has a Krrish in them.  Now Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya 2 tells is, the underworld is a ‘soch’ and we might be Company people without even realising it.

Because according to RGV, the underworld is a better alternative to the System, and looks after people better than the System, and till there are inequities in the System, the underworld will exist in one form or the other.  But RGV’s new Company is a shady and complicated organisation that can’t be traced, because it’s a ‘soch’ – it kills as it pleases, money is extorted, laundered and sent to offshore accounts, but it is used to help people. You can’t call it crime unless you know the ‘majboori’ or the ‘maqsad’ behind it, says the new Satya (Puneet Singh Ratn—too raw), the Robin Hood of Oshiwara.  So all criminals can line up outside RGV’s office to get clean chits.

Right!  So, like the 1998 Satya, this one too is a grim, bearded man without a past and without a surname. All he has is a ‘soch’ and a laptop to do ‘research.’  He tells his first benefactor, builder-gangster Lahoti (Mahesh Thakur made to wear a cross dangling from one ear and other eccentric style statements) that to get the Company off the ground, all he has to do is kill one industrialist, one media baron, the police commissioner, and then replace the CM and later the PM with Company plants. All this would be funny if it wasn’t uttered with complete seriousness and accomplished with all that laptop research.

Satya schemes, kills, growls and for fun sings and dances with a pouting, prancing retard called Chitra (Anaika Soti). He also has a best buddy (Amritiyaan) who gives him Mumbai gyaanand the buddy’s gal (Aradhna Gupta) called Special, whose name has a story behind it, which, presumably, we will hear in Satya 3, which, from all indications, is definitely coming. Be afraid, be very afraid!

If Satya 2 has a redeeming feature, it is that the cops are not shown to be complete dolts! They figure things out rather quickly. Though how a list of people with sudden income spurts can acquired almost overnight in a city of millions is bewildering.

The original Satya was a cops-and-gangsters film with no pretensions, and it lent the genre such an authenticity that other filmmakers followed the template, and RGV himself kept making versions of the story. Here, he tries to take it to another level and falls flat into a vat of absurdity.

And finally, as a nod to Big Daddy, The Godfather, a scene in which a father whose daughter has been raped approaches the underworld for help, since the System fails him.  Enough said!


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