Sunday, April 06, 2014

Main Tera Hero 

Baap-Beta No 1

Without Govinda, David Dhawan’s films had lost their zing. And what d’ya know, the director discovers a suitable replacement right at home!

Varun Dhawan has the mad-cap energy Govinda had in his heyday; he can dance, he can ad-lib, he can do the most outrageous things with an innocent look, plus he has six-pack abs and a better stylist.

Dhawan can never change his spots, he picks up a Telugu film (Kandireega) that can be adapted to suit his style, and just replaces his old faithful with new actors.  Kader Khan with Anupam Kher, Johnny Lever with Rajpal Yadav, Satish Kaushik with Saurabh Shukla, Shakti Kapoor with Arunoday Singh and interchangeable skimpily clad bimbettes. This one’s vintage David Dhawan, but surprisingly, almost smut-free. His writers using up all their humour thinking up rhyming dialogue and Bollywood tributes must be too tired to slip in more than a handful of double-meaning lines. There was a time when every other line and song in a Dhawan film could make a sailor blush (Sarkailo khatiya, remember?)

Seenu (Varun Dhawan) is a duffer, who, at age 25 is still in college. But he says, “Lagta hoon sweet, innocent swami type ka, but hoon main harami type ka,” as he bashes goons twice his size and has two girls (Illeana D’Cruz - Nargis Fakhri) waiting to marry him. (He is brainless, they are dim-witted, what would they live on?  Halt such thoughts, this is not the film for asking how and why?)

The plot is so flimsy it hardly matters, the film is clearly meant to revive Dhawan Sr’s career with Dhawan Jr’s residual Student of the Year fan-following.  But look for the typical touches: a gangster (Kher) was born in Manali so his thundering words echo.  Or that hilarious kissing demo, that is pucca Dhawan.

There are too many humourless stretches in Main Tera Hero—it is not the guffaw-inducing type of film, but a few scattered chuckles type. Arunoday Singh’s comfort level in a film which should have been out of his range is remarkable—he fits right into the D-world craziness. After this boisterous all-rounder performance, what Varun Dhawan does next would be interesting to see.


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