Saturday, September 13, 2014


Horror vs Mythology

Of late, Vikram Bhatt has made a career out of conveyor belt horror films. They faithfully follow a set formula and deliver the requisite amount of eeks and ewws to audiences. Since it’s no secret what the film is about, only fans of horror films will go to the moviehall to see it, and they will have no reason to complain, since they must know just what they are spending their money on.

Bipasha Basu plays Ahana, a gutsy single woman, who sets up a boutique hotel in the midst of a lush forest. As she gets ready for the opening of her Glendale Hotel, Bhatt gets right down to business. A truck that is to make a delivery to Glendale breaks down the in the jungle. Within a few seconds, the wheezing of the ‘Creature’ is heard, its scaly tail, reptilian eye and huge claws are seen before the truck driver is devoured. Just a limb is left for the forest ranger and local cop to see. 

The doctor says it’s not the work of a regular predator, some villagers yell about the effect of a Peepal tree being cut down, but, of course, the paan-chewing idiot in charge, does not take it seriously. He will be eaten by and by; the rules of the horror game say, the most annoying character has to get killed.  Also, the lovey-dovey honeymooning couple has to suffer.

Ahana stands to lose everything if terror of the monster shuts the hotel down. Coming to her aid is a hotel guest Kunal (Imran Abbas Naqvi), who is ‘dude’ enough to be her romantic interest. But he is also there for a purpose. The Creature first gets near the hotel to eat the cook, then inside to attack the guests.

Scientific explanations for this obviously won’t do, so mythology has to be dug into. The Creature that looks like it escaped from Jurassic Park, is actually a Brahm Rakshas (a demonic spirit). A grim professor type (Mukul Dev) turns up with information. It needs a particular method to destroy it. Does Ahana find it?  Of course she does.  Even if it’s in just a potboiler of a horror flick, at least the leading lady gets to do something more than look sexy and distraught in designer costumes.

Creature is in 3D, so it looks more terrifying, otherwise it’s a no surprises kind of thriller, made with a reasonable amount of technical expertise on a controlled budget. So no Hollywood style blast ‘em out of their seats scares to be expected.


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