Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Action Jackson 

 Only Punishment

There’s a line Ajay Devgn utters in this atrocity of a movie. “No appointment, no commitment, only punishment.”  He couldn’t have realized when he signed up Prabhudheva’s Action Jackson how prophetic it would turn out to be.

The film is like punishment for all those who made Prabhudheva’s earlier ghastly films successful; they get hit on the head with a movie that should never have gotten past scene one. It’s shocking that Ajay Devgn agreed to do Action Jackson—unless he simply signed blindly in the hope that the director of masala potboilers would give him a hit like Wanted or Rowdy Rathore… not that the star was running short of hits.  And did Sonakshi Sinha pick her bimbo role with her eyes open—playing a character who believes that the sight of a man’s dick brings her luck!  Were the censors napping? Then, both of the stars, their director and the newbie Manasvi Mamgai went about merrily promoting the film, when they should have been cringing with embarrassment.

There are two Ajay Devgn’s in the film, Vishy and AJ, both with sculpted bodies and matching scowls. Vishy is a good hearted petty hood with Moosa (Kunaal Roy Kapoor) as a sidekick and the aforementioned stalker Khushi (Sinha) trying to catch him with his pants down for good luck; the other is AJ, the sword-wielding lieutenant of Bangkok don Xavier (Anandaraj). He has two women vying for him, the homely Anusha (Yami Gautam) and the don’s wild sister Marina (Mamgai), who will go to any lengths to get the man she lusts after.

As it always happens in double-role films, the lookalikes end up swapping places and causing confusion. Then they join forces and go after the villain.  Prabhudheva is obviously inspired by Kill Bill for the action sequences—too many and too tedious—but there has to be more to a film than fights and crass comedy. There’s not even a good song and dance number to alleviate the pain of watching Action Jackson. Easily the worst film of the year.


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