Saturday, March 21, 2015

Crazy Cukkad Family 

Unfunny and Boring

The two good things about Ritesh Menon’s Crazy Cukkad family is its non star cast and it short running time.

One would want to see what Swanand Kirkire, Shilpa Shukla are capable of in a comedy, but the film turns out to be most unfunny.

A very rich man (Yusuf Hussain) is on his deathbed, and his four children rush to his estate to grab their share (the property is so big that it has its own pin code!) The family is too dysfunctional to be real, or likeable.

The good for nothing eldest son Pawan (Swanand Kirkire), needs money to get a criminal-politician off his back. The loud sister (Shilpa Shukla) wants to win a beauty crown. Aman (Kushal Punjabi), arrives from New York with an American wife (Nora Fatehi). The youngest Abhay (Siddharth Sharma), comes back from New Zealand and is targeted by a village item girl, though he is gay.  The characters are such oddballs, and Menon throws into the pot gays and men in drag perhaps to show what a sport he is.  By the end, of course, they realise the value of family, which is where the film was headed anyway.

The actors—Kirkire and Shukla in particular do the best the can with their roles, but the film is just not crazy enough. Most of is simply corny or boring.  Surprising that Prakash Jha chose to produce this film.


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