Saturday, March 21, 2015


What Is Going On?

A filmmaker making his first movie would have to be very brave to attempt something as bizarre as Roy. It’s not a story just waiting to be told, neither is it something totally market driven, so just what was Vikramjit Singh hoping to accomplish with this film – except make Malaysia look mouth-wateringly beautiful.

There is a filmmaker, Kabir (Arjun Rampal), so successful that the media keeps track of his girlfriends (#22 is about to be dumped). He is in Malayasia making a film called Guns III about an art thief Roy (Ranbir Kapoor), writing the script as he goes along—on a portable typewriter, no less.

There is another filmmaker Ayesha (Jaqueline Fernandez) making a small budget film also in Malaysia. Their paths cross, he flirts madly, she seems to resist, but slowly falls for his charm. In the film being shot, Roy has to steal a priceless artwork from a solitary Tia (Jaqueline Fernandez with tomato red lipstick) and romance happens.

Then, Ayesha, unwilling to be #23 walks off, and Kabir gets a massive case of writer’s block, which excruciatingly enough extends almost to the end of the film. He broods all over the place, looking model cool, his hat always in place. There is some pseudo-philosophising on creation, love and even thievery, but in the slow-paced, self-indulgent, painfully long film, there’s nothing to engage the audience, except, maybe the wardrobes of the characters and the gorgeous locations—it is stylishly shot if nothing else.

For a film that’s trying to be all brainy, so that everyone frowns and smokes and Ayesha is seen reading seriously, wearing nerd glasses, it suddenly makes her dance in the streets to a Punjabi song!  This art –life overlap, parallel tracks, alter ego hovering, kind of film would be hard to pull off for an experienced filmmaker; Singh simply does not have the maturity for it.  And none of the actors look like they know what’s going on and why.  Least of all a Detective Wadia (Rajit Kapur), who turns up and vanishes without any reason or purpose, at one point confiding in a complete stranger sitting on a bench outside the Louvre!


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