Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mr X 

Invisible Entertainment

With such sophisticated special effects technology available today,  making and watching a film about an invisible man should have been great fun.  No such luck, though, with Vikram Bhatt’s Mr Xwhich, in one word, is boring.  Not only does it have a silly plot, it has one of the most annoying leading ladies in Bollywood history.

Raghu (Emran Hashmi) and Sia (Amyra Dastur) work with an anti-terrorist cell, and also live together. The day before their wedding, their boss Bharadwaj (Arunoday Singh) puts them to work on protecting the chief minister from  a terrorist attack. Then he gets Raghu to kill the CM by threatening to kill Sia, who is unaware that she is on a sniper’s sights. The reason? The CM’s son wants the chair and Bharadwaj wants to be commissioner. There are less circuitous routes to attain this, but well…

Bharadwaj and his cohorts don’t just shoot Raghu, they chase him into a derelict factory and toss him into some kind of chemical vat.  With the help of an idol of Lord Krishna and his sidekick Popo (Tanmay Bhat), whose sister just happens to work in a research lab, he is saved from horrific burns, but the untested radiation medicine that she gives him, makes him invisible in the dark.  What sense does this half invisibility make?  Because  Raghu can be seen in daylight and under UV light, his powers are limited and so is the entertainment that could have been derived from his punishment of the bad guys.

Here he spends all his time running not from the villain, but from Sia, who, being a cop herself,  is daft enough to believe in the Indian legal system and stupidly keeps shrieking at everyone that they must not take the law into their own hands. Instead of helping him as any sensible person would,  she takes great pains to have him arrested.

Of course, by this time you are trying to stay awake by wondering how Mumbai looks so clean and sleek (because the film has been shot abroad);  how come cops live in huge apartments with private pools; why Raghu doesn’t change his uncomfortable clothes and why people posing with guns, don’t use them-- would save a lot of time and misery all around if they did.

He took so much effort to be taken seriously as an actor, poor Emraan Hashmi deserves better films. This one threatens to turn into a vigilante franchise. Better luck and script next time.


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