Saturday, July 23, 2016

Great Grand Masti 

Cheap and Unfunny

The three randy lead characters of the Masti franchise are always sex starved, which means they always look like they have stepped on a hot tin roof—eyes popping, tongues hanging out, faces contorting with desperation or thwarted lust. By now the three should have had their lives sorted, but they are still as horny as adolescents in the third film, Great Grand Masti.

The reasons why they have such chaste marriages are idiotic—one has an interfering mother-in-law (Usha Nadkarni made to go through such indignities!), the second has a sister-in-law who insists on sleeping in the martial bed, the wife of the third has a twin who goes through the same physical sensations she does.

The women, who are not wives and mothers, are dressed in deep cut blouses, so the guys can ogle and drool and say dialogue about “seene pe bojh”.  It is insulting to have a comedy this cheap called “adult”.  It could only appeal to mentally challenged tweens or deranged adults. If our audiences find endless jokes about breasts and penises funny, the mental health of the country should be cause for serious worry!

The film opens with Amar (Ritiesh Deshmukh), presumably a sexologist, being visited by a couple—the man has been bitten “there” by a bee; just treat the pain not the swelling the wife says. The film is downhill from there on, with barely a line that is not vulgar. The absolute nadir is when women talk about a house, when the man they are addressing think it’s about them— the dialogue cannot even be dignified as double entendre—it’s just plain trashy.

There is nothing wrong with raunchy comedies, and the silly premise of this one could have made for a good one, but the writers and director Indra Kumar are incapable of anything but sexual innuendo of the worst kind.

Amar and his two cretin buddies, Prem (Aftab Shivdasani) and Meet (Vivek Oberoi), go to his village called Doodhwadi, in the hope of getting some action with the buxom village belles. His mansion there is haunted by a sexy, semi-nude ghost of a woman (Urvashi Rautela), who has been waiting for a man to mate with, so that she can exit the world.

The three walk into her trap--one of them has to sacrifice his life to the ghost’s lust, and all three of them feed each other Viagra!  The ghost appears when she pleases, multiplies and dances at will, but still waits for one the men to make a move!  Not a very effective evil spirit.

To make matters worse, is the karwa chauth kind of hypocrisy waved about in a film that has no respect for women. Not much for the men, and very little for the audience.  There is no masti here, that is even close to grand or great.


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