Monday, March 06, 2017

Commando 2 

Beefcake Parade

If there is a Commando 2, there must have been a Commando, but so generic an action film that it eludes the memory completely.

Vidyut Jamwwal’s muscles undoubtedly inspired this insipid actioner, and more are on the way if the post climax scene of this film is to be believed.

Karan returns as the muscled, parkour-flaunting commando, now in a special intelligence cell-- the kind of patriotic dude, who will get himself shot to justify the ‘encounter’ of a criminal on foreign soil. This film, directed by Deven Bhojani is a great fan of demonetization, because honest intelligence officers are determined to clean up the black money trail (it’s the tagline of the film and makes up its skinny plot). They send  motley gang of cops to Malaysia to nab and transport to India, major money launderer Vicky Chaddha.

So Karan, Bakhtawar (Freddy Darulwala), a chattering female cop (Adah Sharma), and the mandatory computer geek (he is Muslim and gets to make a desh-bhakti speech) land up in Malaysia to nab the shape-shifting Vicky and his precious database of black money deposits.
 But when they land there, things are not what they seem, Vicky claims to be a pawn in the hands of corrupt politicians, and even the home minister (Shefali Shah in exquisite saris) seems to be shielding black money hoarders.

The plot is just an excuse for the many fight sequences, beefcake display and two women --Sharma and the perpetually smirking Esha Gupta--ogling Jammwal and pronouncing him irresistible. Mercifully, there are no songs, but their absence is compensated for with a deafening background score.

If only Mr Muscle paid a little more attention to his acting—on second thoughts, why would he bother; the kind of audience that would go to watch a dumb action movie would hardly be interested in histrionics.


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