Monday, February 11, 2019


Say Bhoot!

If a girl prefers to go to a dank-looking chateau with a broken swing in the grounds for a romantic getaway, the man should have second thoughts; otherwise a laughably bad horror film like Amavas can ensue.
Surprisingly, the suburban moviehall had a respectable number of people come to watch this movie (directed by Bhushan Patel), some of whom sporadically went ‘Wooooooh’ because the film had such few scares and just the threat of a “ladies bhoot” haunting the above-mentioned castle in Europe.
Karan (Sachiin J. Joshi) takes his girlfriend Ahana (Nargis Fakhri) to the family’s summer home, that has been shut for eight years, after an ‘incident’ that has left him mentally disturbed and under the care of a shrink (Mona Singh)—none of which Ahana knows.
In the conveyor belt horror films made in Bollywood, people idiotically wander around dark rooms, ignore spooky sounds, and loudly declare that they don’t believe in ghosts. Meanwhile, white curtains billow, suits of armour clang and a creepy servant (Ali Asghar) hovers around. Who cleans the massive place, polishes the metal and launders the curtains, you wonder, because till the intermission point nothing much happen. Karan and Ahana sing a few songs and have many nightmares. Ahana also discovers that there was Sameer (Vivan Bhatena) and Maya (Navneet Kaur Dhillon) in Karan’s past.
The film picks up in the last half hour or so, when the rest of the cast assembles for some supernatural hijinks and the body count rises. No great acting chops are required in a film like this, but Nargis Fakhri with her pale make-up and screechy manner of asking daft questions is more frightening than the ghost.

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